Ubunchu! Episode 03: Time for the Forums to Debut!?


Read the Japanese original edition of this episode online. *Flash Player Required.


Version Format Size Download
Japanese Edition 1.00 PNG, Zip 4.9M ubunchu03_ja.zip
Japanese Edition Source 1.00 PSD, Zip 13.7M ubunchu03_source.zip

International Editions

You can find the international editions of this episode and the information about the translation process at our official website.


The following list will be merged to the site above, but would be maintained for the time being.

About Page Direction: The original Japanese edition was drawn to read from right to left. Naturally, chances are good that Right to Left editions below preserve the orginal taste well.   But If you’re not familiar with this manga reading style,  fliped Left to Right editions will be  more easy to read.   Select your preffered edition.





Galician, Spain:


Author: Hiroshi Seo
First Printed in: ASCII magazine book “Rakuchin Ubuntu! “ (Japanese)
Publisher: ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc. (Japanese)


This manga artwork is released under a Creative Commons: Attribution – NonCommcercial license.You are free to copy, distribute,transmit and adapt the work under the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author.
  2. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.


Version 1.0.0 (2009-11-25)

  • The first public version.


  1. Link to source of issue no. 3 points to the source of issue no. 2.


  2. WindPower said

    Yay, Ubunchu #3! 😀
    Will help do the french translation, once it’s translated in english first xD

  3. Seotch said

    Hi guys!

    Thanx! Big mistake…I fixed it! 😉

    Yay! Thank you, I’m so happy to see & work with you again!

  4. C-quel said


    *happiest day ever*

    I'm so happy I'll contribute more to this….


    …so more people far and wide will know about your beautiful work!! ^___^

    ふふふ, now time for me to get to work editing/translating/drawing the insert… ^-^

  5. Wonderful news, I’ve set up the spreadsheet so we can work on it.


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  8. zedtux said

    Ready for French translation ! 🙂

    Waiting for Martin’s translation 😀

  9. Vulpes said

    I can’t seem to download the linked files for some reason… Anyone else having this problem?

  10. C-quel said


    All clear here! Must have beentemporary downtime perhaps? ^^

    I did save copies of both, so I can always set up a temporary mirror in the event of an emergency. ^___^b

  11. Vulpes said

    Hmmm.. It’s working for me now. Weird. I wonder what the problem was.

  12. C-quel said


    Nice to have you back too, btw. So many old faces are reassuring. ^__~

  13. Byg said

    There is a PDF english translation 😀 ?
    I want to translate it in other language but I need a english version of it.

  14. […] Ubuntu- und Mangafan bin, habe ich mir vorgenommen, die bis jetzt 3 erschienen Teile (der 3. Band erschien vor ein paar Tagen auf Japanisch), ins Deutsche zu […]

  15. […] solo esta disponible en japones, pero las traducciones no tardaran salir (si quieres contribuir pasa por esta pagina). Como mencione en anteriores entradas, me parece genial la manera de promover el uso de este SO, […]

  16. Vulpes said

    BYG: See the google doc file mentioned above by Martin Owens

  17. Fox Talk said

    [우분츄!] 3화 "포럼 데뷔는 아직 일러!?"…

    근 반년만이군요. 세계최초 우분투 학원 러브코미디물 [우분츄] 의 3화, 포럼 데뷔는 아직 일러!?”가 11월 25일에 온라인 공개되어서 한글로 번역했습니다. 너무 오래간만이다 보니 극중의 우분투 버전이랑 현재 버전이 딱 1년 차이가 납니다. 극중의 8.10을 유지할까 말까 하다가 그냥 바꿔 버렸습니다. 이왕이면 친숙한 편이 좋지 않겠어요? (한번밖에 안 나오니까… ㅋ) 이번 회는 우분투 자체보단 그 주변 상황에 대한 스토리쪽으로 가는데, 제…

  18. Vulpes said

    Finished Korean translation. ^_^ It can be found here


    Man, I had fun doing this one… hehe

  19. Ryuutobi said

    I’ve added Indonesian translation into Martin’s spreadsheet.^_^


  20. Black_Claw said

    Wow! Sudah ada terjemahan indonesia yang lain toh? 😀 hehehehe..

    Great job as always, Mr. Hiroshi. 😀
    Downloading the source now. It’ll be finished in 10 hours. I love my good ol’ 32k modem. :p

  21. JonathanMM said

    The French Version is Out !
    More information at : http://www.ubunchu-fr.org
    PDF : http://depot.zedroot.org/ubUnchU/00-ubunchu_episode3_fr_latest.pdf

  22. WindPower said

    The french translation is done! Here are some mirrors.

    You should also add the links to the english translation:

  23. Seotch said

    Hi all!

    Thank you for the Korean version! I appended it to the top of the list above. 🙂

    The work for the both English translations are almost finished. Wait for a while. 😉

  24. WindPower said

    They are finished already! D:
    The french translation is done too:
    French translation mirrors:

  25. Seotch said

    I also appended the French version to the list.
    Thanks to Zedtux, WindPower and JonathanMM for their work!
    To tell the truth, I missed Windpower&JonathanMM’s comment out until now, because it is suspended by WordPress’s spam filter. ^^;
    I should consider to disable the function.

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  27. Black_Claw said

    Indonesian vers. Is up and ready, sire. 😀

  28. Seotch said

    Hi all!

    I’ve updated the list to add the Indonesian and English versions!
    Thanks to Black_Claw and his collaborators for the translation work.
    And WindPower, also thank you for letting me to know. 🙂

    Technically Saying, the both English versions are still not finished, for the instruction pages and sound effects are not inserted yet. But you can read the story as it is now, and soon they’ll be completed. Enjoy! 😉

  29. Black_Claw said

    No sire, not me. It is thank You, for this awesome ubunchu manga, like always.


  30. C-quel said

    Happy to announce that I set up a mirror site for Black_Claws awesome translations (to help with the speed issue):


    It’s very good, even has bonus content towards the end. ^^b

  31. Black_Claw said

    Waks! You actually read that lame joke page! *dissapear*

  32. C-quel said

    lol ^^


    Oh and Seotch-san, thanks again for hosting the Ubuntu Anime Boston banners!

    Just as an update, can you redirect their links to…


    …Its now the main event site.
    どうもありがとうございます! ^___^v

  33. OSL da UDC said


    Ubunchu 03 has a new translation!!!

    Language: Galician, Spain
    Website: http://softwarelibre.udc.es
    Direct link(pdf):http://osl.udc.es/ubunchu/chapter-3/ubunchu-gl-cap-03.pdf

    Direct link(svg): http://osl.udc.es/ubunchu/chapter-3/ubunchu-gl-cap-03.tar.gz

    Now waiting for the 4th chapter!!

  34. C-quel said

    Thank you OSl. Updated in my list of Ubunchu goodies. ^^


    Also, general announcement here….
    Revision 03 for the LtR and RtL English translations are ready!

    RtL PDF:

    LtR PDF:

    Alternate PNG files:

  35. Seotch said

    Hi all!

    Thank you, OSL. I also updated the list second to Dear C-quel. 😉
    And finally, the long awaited complete version of Ubunchu! 03 English has come!
    The newly added insertion is worth watching. Check it out.
    Thank C-quel & Martin for taking time from their busy schedule. 🙂

  36. C-quel said

    ふふふ, well you take time away from your own busy schedule all the time, it’s only fair that we chip in too. Thank you so much, Seotch-san! ^____^b

  37. sigtermer said

    thanks for the three episodes. it looks like a lot of hard work was put into this amazing manga. also, a special thanks for releasing it under the creative commons and allowing derivatives.
    Translating it to Arabic should be much more straight forward (if I ever have time).

    Thanks again 🙂

  38. C-quel said

    Hi Sigtermer! Looking forward to an Arabic version… especially if it’s for all 3 chapters. ^^

    Happy to announce the availability of the Spanish [MX] Translation of Ubunchu Episode 03! Enjoy! ^__^


  39. YouGeek said

    Hi, I have translated it in italian 😉

    This is the link:


  40. […] 1 Febrero 2010 por jvare Gracias a C-quel, ya está disponible la traducción al español del número 3 del comic manga sobre Ubuntu, Ubunchu del cual es autor Hiroshi Seo. […]

  41. jic said

    I’m sorry I’m late

    Brazilian Portuguese fo the 3th edition is done


    its hosted on cribd and 4shared

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  53. daedal said

    Download link – http://jiyuu.su/manga/ubunchu/ubunchu_01_003.rar
    Translator: Jiyuu Team
    Page Direction: Right to Left
    Release Date: 2011.09.18

  54. […] 1 – Descargar – Capitulo 2 – Descargar – Capitulo 3 – Descargar – Capitulo 4 – Descargar – Capitulo 5 – Descargar […]

  55. Huy said

    Vietnamese available here: http://www.linux4share.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/ubunchu03_vi_rlt.pdf
    Translator: Trân Xuân Huy
    Page Direction: Right to left
    Release date: 21/10/2011

  56. sysy said

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  66. nalgo said

    The link for korean translation “[우분츄!] 3화 “포럼 데뷔는 아직 일러!?” is dead. http://foxtalk.tistory.com/76 This link is valid.

  67. Fix said

    Chapter 3 ENG link is dead everywhere

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    Ubunchu! Episode 03: Time for the Forums to Debut!? | AERIAL LINE

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