Ubunchu! Episode 04: The Three Bunnies


Read the Japanese original edition of this episode online. *Flash Player Required.


Version Format Size Download
Japanese Edition 1.00 PNG, Zip 4.9M ubunchu04_ja.zip
Japanese Edition Source 1.00 PSD, Zip 13.7M ubunchu04_source.zip

International Editions

You can find the international editions of this episode and the information about the translation process at our official website.


The following list will be merged to the site above, but would be maintained for the time being.



Author: Hiroshi Seo
First Printed in: ASCII magazine book “Saku Saku Ubuntu! “ (Japanese)
Publisher: ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc. (Japanese)


This manga artwork is released under a Creative Commons: Attribution – NonCommcercial license.You are free to copy, distribute,transmit and adapt the work under the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author.
  2. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.


Version 1.0.0 (2009-11-30)

  • The first public version.


  1. Chau kar said

    Nice! Thanks! Keep up the good work

  2. Chau kar said

    Waiting for the translations 🙂

  3. WindPower said

    Wow, that was fast!
    Me be ready~

  4. […] Bonsoir, alors qu’il y a un mois jour pour vous, la version française de l’épisode 3 sortait, voici que l’épisode 4 est disponible. Sorti hier en version japonaise, nous nous manquerons pas de le traduire le plus vite possible en version française pour vous en faire profiter L’annonce sur le blog officiel [JAP] […]

  5. zedtux said

    First French traduction is now finish ! 🙂

    So we should release the French edition this week-end 😉

  6. […] https://seotch.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/ubunchu04/ […]

  7. WindPower said

    (Can you please put the entire Engrish translation on the spreadsheet? The English one doesn’t make sense at some points, so the Engrish one could help :3)

  8. Seotch said

    Hi All!

    The Engrish translation does not exist this time, for the English translation on the spreadsheet is based on teh_vlad’s Japanese-to-English translation.


    So, If there are something uncertain in the course of translating, ask me about it.
    I’ll add Engrish translations (possibly with some notes) to the spreadsheet. 🙂

  9. Seotch said

    I have added some Engrish translations and notes to the points that seemed to be confusing. Check the spreadsheet. 😉

  10. WindPower said

    Thank you~

  11. Black_Claw said

    wgetting it sire! 😀

  12. Black_Claw said

    Ahahahahahahaaa! What a nice nicovideo maniac expression on the sixth page! Well doneee! *lol*

  13. C-quel said

    Yep! Seotch-san outdid himself with this chapter. ^^b

    incidentally, I’m thrilled to announce that the English translation (at least the RtL Edition) is finished! Special thanks not just to the usual suspects, but also to teh_vlad for his awesome preemptive translation! ^___^

    In any event, since this is fresh off the oven, I’m still considering this a “draft” copy:


    Click to access ubunchu04_english_rtl_ver1.pdf


    Special Sauce:

  14. […] edition chapter 4 – Three rabits was released 4. […]

  15. Black_Claw said

    Ahahahahaa! Bites me, C-quel, sire, but even Seotch san replying Risa’s post @ p10! Oookieee so what is the url of the forum??? I wanna talk with them too! :mrgreen:

  16. C-quel said

    LOLOLOL! Yeah, that was hilarious! And Seotch-san is a “newbie” to boot! ^.^

    Oh, and in case you didn’t catch it, the link to that forum posting is…


    *transmission terminates*

  17. Seotch said

    I’m very sad C-quel was seemed to know way too much. He was a good guy,though….. * (゜-゜)

    Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it, Black_Claw! *(‘ – ^ )b

  18. Black_Claw said

    the forum is kinda funny, it looks excatly like error message but I’ll try make some new post. 😛

    Ah yep, anyway, it’ld be great if ubunchu can also came as visual novel using renpy. Well, if mr. Seotch have the free time, or maybe… Any volunteers?

  19. C-quel said

    *prison breakout siren is heard in distance*

    *C-quel appears heaving and panting, having run a long distance to get here*

    Huff… puff…. sorry I’m late. ^___^
    Funny thing that! Right now I’m working on a collaborative visual novel using RenPy, gaining experience with it and everything. So when that fateful day comes that an Ubunchu VN is called for, I’d be SO THERE my keystrokes would generate sonic booms! ^v^

    BTW, BlackClaw… let me know when the Bahasa translation is done so I can host it in my mirror. ^__~

  20. […] skip det, Ubunchu 04 sudah terbit, dan translasinya bisa didapat di Cecunguk, dan, jika beruntung, sodara C-quel bakal […]

  21. Black_Claw said

    You know when you, believe…
    Aaaaaaaandddd, there it is… 😛

    termakasih untuk mirrornya 😀

  22. […] Ubunchu – Today, 12:09 Ubunchu episode 4 Versi inggris Episode 04: The Three Bunnies Bisa didonlot disini Versi indonesia Episode4: Kisah Tiga Kelinci Bisa didonlot […]

  23. […] 架空線の英語サイトAERIAL LINEの他、Ubunchu.netでも公開されています。 […]

  24. C-quel said


    KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREN!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!! >v<

    Translation: Indonesian translation is finished.

    I'm downloading right now to move it to my mirror…. give me about 3 hours, lol. ^_____^

  25. C-quel said

    “I, Ini……… Siapa?” ^______^

    Too funny. ^.^

    Ep4 Indonesian translation mirror… is… ready! ^v^


  26. Black_Claw said

    nyahahahahahahaaa It is a lame joke… :mrgreen: well, they are celebrities, at least in their (geeks) circle. 😛

  27. arkblitz said

    When will you release the English left-to-right version?

  28. C-quel said


    This weekend. 😉

  29. C-quel said

    Here you go….

    Click to access ubunchu04_english_ltr_ver1.pdf

    I’m sure you saw this already, but mainly posting this for any other bystander here who doesn’t know about Club Ubunchu yet. ^_^

  30. Don’t know dudes, but Lisa/Risa should have released her fic as CC-BY instead of CC-BY-SA. Even Josh Woodward did!

  31. C-quel said

    CC-BY-SA is better at promoting “sharing”, IMHO. 😉

  32. arkblitz said

    @ C-Quel : Okay, CC-BY-SA may be better for sharing, but makes it extremely hard to remix with works with different licenses. For example, Ubunchu itself is CC-BY-NC, so it cannot be remixed with Lisa/Risa’s fic unless:
    *She gave some kind of special permission (but maybe she doesn’t want to)
    *Seotch-san re-licensed his manga as CC-BY-SA (but maybe he can’t)

  33. C-quel said

    Well there’s nothing “extremely” hard about copyleft licenses [unless you’re a mega-corporation, in which case it pays to treat it like toxic waste].

    As long as you’re willing to enter a courteous and civil dialogue with the original author (in this case, Risa), you can work out any kind of potential licensing conflicts in a way that’s mutually beneficial.

    Seotch-san can’t relicense his manga (yet), so Risa-chan kindly agrees to a special exclusion and Seotch-san (ever so grateful) returns the favor with clearer attributive wording in his license.txt and distribution site.

  34. arkblitz said

    Uh, okay, that explains everything. Risa/Lisa will most possibly end up agreeing unless she ends up being a strong copyleftist/Stallmanist/freetard* of sorts like her classmate Akane.

    *The “freetard” is the nick Makoto gave her after her speech about Saint IGNUcius.

  35. C-quel said

    lol, well something like that. 😛

    Almost as essential as freedom itself is the ability to properly compromise. 🙂

  36. Emmanuel said

    que pasa!!!!

    necesito la tradiccion al español por que dejaron de hacerlo yo no deseo realizar la traduccion

    Traduzcan a español pleace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Emmanuel said

    que pasa

    necesito la traduccion en español yo no deseo traducirlo

    por favor traduzcan a español!!!!


  38. C-quel said


    Paciencia, paciencia, que todos aquí estamos re-ocupados. Al cabo no has visto que ya hasta salio el Capitulo 5, y apenitas acabamos con la traducción a ingles de Cap. 4? 😉

  39. arkblitz said

    @ C-quel :
    ¡ 0.o ! ¡No sabía que C-quel supiera hablar español!

  40. C-quel said


    Acabo no hice la traducción de Ubunchu para Cap.2 y Cap.3? 😀


    Aunque hay muchisimo que tengo que corregir, pero la prioridad ahorita esta en traducir Cap 4. y Cap 5.. Luego regreso con 2 y 3, y quisca luego me aviento para hacer mi propia versión de Cap.1. 😉

  41. kzkggaara said

    Ya yo terminé la traducción de este cap#4 a español:

    Y ando traduciendo ya el cap#5.
    Espero le sirva a alguien…

  42. YouGeek.it said

    Translated in italian here:


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  44. […] Episode 04: The Three Bunnies […]

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  46. sysy said

    spanish- espagnol ubunchu

    Click to access ubunchu_06__desdelinux.pdf

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