Ubunchu! Episode 05: Big Sister Arrives!


Read the Japanese original edition of this episode online. *Flash Player Required.


Version Format Size Download
Japanese Edition 1.00 PNG, Zip 4.2M ubunchu05_ja.zip
Japanese Edition Source 1.00 PSD, Zip 12.7M ubunchu05_source.zip

International Editions

You can find international editions of this episode and the information about the translation process at our official distribution site.



Author: Hiroshi Seo
First Printed in: ASCII magazine  “Ubuntu Magazine Japan “ (Japanese)
Publisher: ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc. (Japanese)


This manga artwork is released under a Creative Commons: Attribution – NonCommcercial license.You are free to copy, distribute,transmit and adapt the work under the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author.
  2. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.


Version 1.0.0 (2010-02-20)

  • The first public version.


  1. […] Attention, c’est tout chaud, ça vient de sortir du four, l’épisode 5 d’ubunchu vient de sortir en version japonaise. Comme d’habitude, dans quelques jours, la version française Post sur le blog officiel […]

  2. C-quel said

    *still swooning* +v+

  3. Black_Claw said

    wgetting on progress…

  4. Ryuutobi said

    The CD label shown in this episode’s good.
    Is that available for download? ^_^

  5. C-quel said

    It’s in the source file at least (although in black & white). ^^’

    Agree, it’s so awesome, I want to make it into a full-sized color version. ^________^
    [or at least commission someone to do it if time’s lacking…) ^^;

  6. Black_Claw said

    +remastering with risa’s theme, anyone?

  7. Seotch said

    Hi, We’ve just released the English RtL edition of this episode at our official distribution site.



    The CD label in the manga was actually printed on the install CD as an appendix of a magazine. There is a colored version as well. I still not have agreed with the publisher to release it with CC license, but someday I will. Wait for a while. 🙂

    We are now planning to create customized “Ubunchu!” version of Ubuntu Remix CD with our publisher. So It may come true in the near future: 😉

  8. C-quel said

    Thank you Seotch-san! ^^

    Oooh! So I don’t have to do anything about the CD label, coolness. ^___^b
    And to top it off, a real Ubunchu Remix CD might be in the works. ^^

    *waiting eagerly to download/buy both* ^________^

  9. Black_Claw said


  10. […] Ubunchu 05: Munculnya Kakak Pertama! Ubunchu 05 sudah terbit! […]

  11. itachi said


  12. Jacobian said

    this is really great.I am surely will download it. 🙂

  13. […] 7 Marzo 2010 por jvare Después de que Hiroshi Seo, Seotch, lanzara el pasado 20 de Febrero el capitulo 5 del comic manga dedicado a Ubuntu, ya se encuentra disponible la versión en inglés, con el titulo :  Big Sister Arrives!, […]

  14. alex said

    I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next issue. Thank you Seotch for producing Ubunchu.

  15. Hilarious! It’s too bad running Windows programs wasn’t mentioned in this chapter, but that’s alright! It still was funny and I got the point of the chapter 🙂

    I can’t wait for the next chapter to arrive, and get translated to English (or Spanish, I do know some of that too!).

  16. jacky said

    nice ……… please click

  17. rmk said

    releases schedule please?

  18. YouGeek.it said

    Translated in italian here:


  19. […] Episode 05: Big Sister Arrives! […]

  20. sysy said

    many update link are available on http://ww.ubunchu.net.

    A very good work , quick and clean.

  21. sysy said

    Big problem with link aerial line ubunchu07 link many month ago.

    your link is always bad, could you see it please.

    The link is in the main page.

    This is human error or machine !

  22. sysy said

    spanish- espagnol ubunchu


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  24. […] Después de que Hiroshi Seo, Seotch, lanzara el pasado 20 de Febrero el capitulo 5 del comic manga dedicado a Ubuntu, ya se encuentra disponible la versión en inglés, con el titulo :  Big Sister Arrives!, […]

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