Name : Seotch (Hiroshi Seo)
Profession: Self-mentioned  Manga writer
Favorite : Ubuntu!


E-mail: seotch@gmail.com (private) , seo@aerialline.com (buisness)
Skype: seotch
Twitter: seotch
Blog: http://www.aerialline.com/ (Japanese only)



  1. ANIS said

    I’m asking for the 3rd episode.. Where is it??? Why it’s make a long time to be online??

    And thank you for this amazing manga..

  2. jhon.f (frosen heart) said

    hjey eso es muy bueno fulll bacan o como se diga esta bien beno tank you hiroshy y memandan el correo cuando aparesca la tercera

  3. gulaman said

    hi, just downloaded the first 2 episodes in english. i hope the 3rd one gets a translation soon. this is cool… i’m sharing this with friends.

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