“Ubunchu!” is a Japanese manga series featuring Ubuntu Linux.
Three school students in a system-admin club  are getting into Ubuntu!

International Editions

We have the official distribution site for the international editions.   You may find “Ubunchu!”  in your native language at the site below.



The Original Japanese editions and the source files are on exhibit here.

For Trannslators

If your are planning to translate the manga into another language,  my consent is not required,  for it is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC license. Though I’d really appreciate if you let me know when you have released it.

We have a mailing-list for  “Ubunchu!”  at  Google Groups.  The group is open to everyone and the best way to contact us and ask anything about “Ubunchu!”  including the translation process.  So if you’re interested in translating the manga, consider to subscribe to the group.


Author: Hiroshi Seo


This manga artwork is released under a Creative Commons: Attribution – NonCommcercial license.You are free to copy, distribute,transmit and adapt the work under the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author.
  2. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.


  1. […] es curioso ver que incluso en el mundo del manga también GNU/Linux tiene su pequeño huequito. Y como indican en la página oficial de este particular cómic, pronto tendremos segundo […]

  2. krista said

    This manga is great! I am a Ubuntu user! Thank you and please continue!!

  3. eleefece said

    The manga is a great introduction to new ubuntu users, cheers!!

  4. icerain-chan said

    I love this manga ^^

  5. Kevin Huang said

    Can’t wait Episode 02

  6. Awesome comic!

  7. Nikolay said

    why not うぶんつ?

  8. […] Seo is the writer behind the Ubunchu! manga series. From the about page: “Ubunchu!” is a Japanese manga series featuring Ubuntu […]

  9. MAGO OSCURO said

    Una felicitación al autor, es una gran trabajo. Congratulations to the author, is a great job.

  10. alfmar said

    Spettacolare (sugoooi!!)
    Can’t wait for next episodes!! 🙂

  11. Black_Claw said

    Kerja hebat bang! (gokurou sama deshita aniki!)

    $ translate to Indonesian

  12. msaul said

    A manga for Ubuntu. It´s great mix my two favorites things in one : manga/anime and linux. I can´t wait for the second episode.

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  14. […] the author’s site of the manga where you can download […]

  15. reizencroft said

    Great Job. This create more awareness on the Linux scene, especially, Ubuntu.

    Thanks. Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai.

  16. jimmy said

    good !!!!

  17. MisTe said

    Amazing!!! I think it could to be my favorite manga…….

  18. […] Pertamanya sih saya diberitahu sama Kakak Pertama soal komik Ubunchu ini. Saya dianterin ke blognya bos Doctormo. Dari sana, saya mendapatkan link ke halaman tempat source komik ini (yoi. keren kan, lisensinya juga CC. Jadi proses nerjemahinnya nggak kayak mangascan, kudu di-clean dulu) bisa didonlot. […]

  19. […] Ubunchu est un manga Japonnais de Hiroshi Seo, qui met en scène 3 étudiants d’un club informatique, qui se livrent aux joies de la découverte de la distribution Linux, Ubuntu. Le premier épisode a été traduit en français et je vous invite à le découvrir en cliquant ici. […]

  20. Philip said


    Now we have a nifty marketing tool for Ubuntu!

    Domo arigato!

  21. […] Aller sur le site d’Ubunchu (Auteurs : Hiroshi Seo et DoctorMO) […]

  22. Adam said

    When will part 2 be released? Great job with the translation and really looking forward to the next episode of this epic manga 😀

  23. Verona007 said

    GREAT WORK!!!! I’m not a manga fan, but this ROCKS!!!! This idea… When I first seen the title, I thought it is some Pokemon-Linux parody…But this is more than that! Congratulations, and go on! Continue, please!!!!!

  24. […] przez stronę www przed chwilą #ubunchu to #komiks o #ubuntu na #linux i #fajne inglish: seotch.wordpress.com/ubunchu i jak ktoś zna to japanese […]

  25. Seotch said

    Thank you all for the kind comments!
    I’m not be able to respond to you as individual though (as it takes so much time for me to write in English ^^;) , your voices give me a lot of motivation in fact.

    I’m now working on the 4th episode of the manga, and Japanese version of ep.2 will be made public as i finish it, maybe in the early next month. It may take a while to translate it into English though, I’m looking forward to showing it to you!

    Thank you again for the everything.

  26. […] La VF est téléchageable en PDF >>> ici <<< Page principale du projet: Aerial Line […]

  27. […] are free to get your copy as it is licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution – NonCommcercial […]

  28. MChabez said

    I have translated “Ubunchu!” into Hungarian.
    Download (RtL) as zipped png-s:


  29. Cedna said


  30. Fred said

    I’m a Ubuntu user and I have a niece who loves Manga-style comics. I oughta see if I can get my hands on this for her birthday next fall…

  31. ubunchu lover said

    …like Ubuntu does, can’t wait 4next episode 😉

  32. […] Ubunchu […]

  33. Dimitris D said

    Interesting work.
    After the manga we should make into anime with the Blender+Freestyle.
    For start http://fedb.blogzine.jp/blenderclip/ has some 3D anime characters for Blender.

  34. […] milyen kocka manga lehet a HUP fórumon? Klikkeltem, olvastam, röhögtem. Kellemesen csalódtam az Ubunchu! […]

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  36. pufak said

    cool stuff

  37. Xuacu said

    Nice work! Now (thanks to DoctorMO’s work) Risa and her friends have learned a new language: Asturian (langcode ast). You can see the result at

    Click to access ubunchu-episode-01_ast.pdf

    Congratulations, to Hiroshi Seo & DoctorMO!

  38. Seotch said

    Hi all.

    Thank you for your comment and trackbacks!
    And sorry for the late reply.
    I’ve been working on the 4th episode of “Ubunchu!”.
    It was so hard ^^;

    Now that I’ve finished the work for the meantime, I’ve edited the 2nd epsode,and made it public.

    I’ve also added Asturian version of the ep1 to the list.
    Thank Xuacu for his work!

  39. […] se interessou, já está disponível os dois primeiros capítulos em inglês no blog seotch. Espero que lancem logo o próximo capítulo! […]

  40. […] manga, n’hi ha de moltes menes. Ara un dibuixant japonès n’ha arribat a fer un (en anglès) sobre el sistema operatiu Ubuntu, que es distribueix per internet i que es pot descarregar en una […]

  41. John said

    Good job!!!
    By the way, can I post Manga some photo on my blog ?

    Thanks again!

  42. […] otro lado, tenemos Ubunchu, un manga con su historia basada en nuestra distro favorita Ubuntu. Ya van 2 ediciones y ambas ya […]

  43. […] https://seotch.wordpress.com/ubunchu/ (bahasa inggris) […]

  44. Q-Bodhi7' said

    […] Ubunchu raconte la vie d’etudients qui decouvrent ubuntu, en decrivant plus ou moins les differents OS. […]

  45. mrlol said

    Thanks for great work!

  46. cool manga, I’m the biggest fans now. can’t wait the 3rd episode

  47. alex said

    This is so great. Can’t wait for Episode 3.

  48. fun said

    that’s kinda fun, actually. The drawings are quite good, it’s great.

    Just one thing, linux it’s not that much command line, it’s very powerfull but ubuntu did not come up with the wonderful gnome to make it look better.

    It was just designed to be user-friendly linux distrib, and it has evolved so on and now surpassed any other linux distributions for a home/work general usage (many drivers, many package, nice and all configured).

    I invite everyone to make their own distributions based on ubuntu to offer more diversity, it’s going to grow really really big, and ubunchu is actively helping this evolving.


  49. […] Podeu seguir el llançament dels nous capítuls a travès de la pàgina web oficial en anglès. […]

  50. Paul said

    Cool manga! I’m waiting more!
    P.S. Ubuntu rulezz ^_^

  51. Iswan said

    When is the 3rd released ?

  52. chrisl said

    sighs, I hope the project is not abandoned 😦

  53. bozz said

    I feel the same way chrisl…

    I really like the comic so far… It almost feels like what’s been done so far is a one-shot… I’d like to see the comic expand, maybe explain how the members got together?

  54. bozz said

    Just saw the Japanese site… Who is the twintails girl???

  55. chrisl said

    well, according to google translator ( XD ) her name is Shinozaki Aki
    in the description area, there only appears a ? mark

    …a new character? its looks like project may still be alive 😀

  56. chrisl said

    yes, is not dead 😀

  57. C-quel said

    Heck no, it’s not dead. 😉

    Seotch-san already has episodes 3 and 4 published in ASCII magazine. However, under agreement with the publisher, he can only relicense and redistribute them under Creative Commons after a certain period of time (at least 3 months I think).

    So even if he posted Episode 02 quickly, and we get all the translations done quickly, we STILL need to wait quite a while in order to do the same with Episode 03 (as a matter of protocol). But I’ve heard it’s well worth the wait. ^^b

    Personally, I draw and commission Ubunchu fanart to get my periodic Ubunchu fix while I do wait. ^____^

  58. Cool site, love the info.

  59. […] Author: Hiroshi Seo Publisher: ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc. Official Website: Aerial Line (JP), (US) […]

  60. […] las demás traducciones están en la pagina oficial. Publicado en […]

  61. roixordo said

    Cando cona sacan o terceiro capitulo?

  62. Xuacu said

    @ roixordo:
    Por lo que creo, Hiroshi Seo tiene el compromiso con la editorial de liberar el comic unos meses después de su publicación en papel.
    Unha aperta!

    === (English)
    AFAIK, there is an agreement between Hiroshi Seo and the publisher to release the chapters some time after they’ve been published on paper.

  63. S1lver_eX said

    From KAZ. with love:)
    I like this manga,but 2 chapters-it`s not enough!!!!People whant next chapter!
    We want more !
    Sorry,I don`t know english well

  64. Sabunator said

    This manga is so cool 😀

    Please do continue!
    Good work 😉

  65. Seotch said

    Hi All!

    Thank you all for your kind word.And sorry that it took so much to release a new episode. I have just uploaded the Japanese version of Ubunchu! ep.3. Other language editions are not available for now, but I hope we can show you the English versions in the not so far future.

    Thanks! 😉

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  67. […] que me gustan estos seres especiales, sin vergüenza alguna, ha creado un Cómic Manga llamado Ubunchu, sobre tres estudiantes que pertenecen a un club de sys-admins que se meten en el mundo […]

  68. […] Sitio Oficial | Ubunchu Descarga e información para ayudar en la traducción | Aerial Line […]

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  70. […] Seotch (Hiroshi Seo): Dibujante del ya célebre manga estudiantil sobre Ubuntu Linux, “Ubunchu!”. Tiene un buen estilo de dibujo. Licencia: CC-BY-NC. Escrito por arkblitz Archivado en Anime & Manga, Software libre y/o gratuito Etiquetado: creative commons, manga, ubunchu Dejar un comentario » […]

  71. Kyle Barnhart said

    Saw this when I read an e-mail (I subscribe to [Ubuntu-Marketing] and came across the link to the comic. Awesome manga, and I honestly believe this could be a hit manga, great for advertising the greatness Ubuntu (and generally Linux itself) really possesses, and is entertaining for us otaku-type people. Heck, even non-otakus would like reading this.
    Keep up the good work!

  72. Kenji said

    I frankly thought this would be a corny and cliche marketing attempt, but it’s actually a very damn good manga! Keep it up!

  73. […] blog di Dario vengo a conoscenza di un manga abbastanza particolare.. Questo manga è Ubunchu (sito ufficiale), che si propone di aiutare a diffondere Ubuntu, raccontando le avventure di 3 ragazzi (2 ragazze e […]

  74. Love it! I’m not an Ubuntu user, but I support and distribute it for new comers to Linux. Personally, I do SUSE, but Ubuntu is perfect for first time users. Also, it works great in our simulator where I work. 😉 Great job c-quel and crew!

  75. ellis said

    Hi Hiroshi Seo,
    You are amazing, keep going and good luck for ever,
    Ellis from Colombia Southamerica

  76. nirleka said

    Wow, very funny 😀
    Thx for the hardwork!

    (from Indonesia)

  77. Robin Stuart said

    Fantastic…. gad a good giggle with this. Good work. Thanks.

  78. Angelos Apostolidis said

    Hi there!

    The Greek translation of Ubunchu Episode 1 is ready.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to Everybody!


  79. C-quel said

    Hi Angelos. 😉

    Thank you! But just to confirm, this is a repost of this one, correct?


    Hope we’ll see an Episode 2 and 3 Greek translation from you too! ^^b

  80. Angelos Apostolidis said

    Yes, C-quel, it is the same project, just wanted to make it easier for everyone!

  81. C-quel said

    Excellent.. ^^
    Alright, now we just need to work on Ep2 and 3. Looking forward to it. ^^b

  82. Noname said

    Great work!!! ^^

  83. […] might be hard to believe that Ubuntu have a comic but it’s true. Hiroshi Seo, the creator, has decided to share the spirit of his favorite OS in a manga series called […]

  84. xearoxas said

    im new in linux user.this manga is damn good..manga+linux=good complation…can wait fer da next episode..Need ep 4 in eglish!!=)

  85. Zukoff said

    I am too old for manga i guess, but this was fun :))
    keep going!

  86. Zukoff said

    p.s. ^_^

  87. pererik87 said

    Please put this on lanchpad for translation!! 😛

  88. pererik87 said

    never mind i miss spelled it:P

  89. pererik87 said

    or no its not there or is it

  90. C-quel said


    Doc considered moving the translation effort to Launchpad, but this was abandoned due to licensing conflicts (at least at the time, Launchpad wouldn’t allow non-commercial works).

    Plus at the time I thought the system was needlessly complex — I had to run several hoops just to sign up and look at the trunk directory, and even then I still didn’t know what the hell I was doing. ><

  91. Gabym said

    this is great. and an excellent tool for teaching Ubuntu and Free Software philosophy as well

  92. Seotch said

    Hi all, thank you for a lot of comments!

    We’ve set up a Google Group for “Ubunchu!”. It’s mainly for the translators, but anyone who have interests in the manga is welcome. We’re waiting for your subscription. 🙂


  93. Bastler@UbuntuUsers.de said

    Ein superfeiner Manga !
    Einiges widerfuhr sicherlich auch
    dem Einen oder Anderen im wirklichen Leben,
    wenn es um Linux geht.

    Freue mich auf weitere Episoden.

  94. asdf-chan said

    What’s tha goal behind this?

  95. gadgetboi said

    thanx for the translations … can’t wait the fifth episode

  96. C-quel said

    Um……….. fun? 🙂

    You and me both. Big surprise expected for the 5th. ^__^b

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  98. Alex said

    One word: Awesome.

    Please give us more, more, more! 😀

    Alex – Ubuntu – Be free, be open go Ubuntu.

  99. Uways said

    (0_0) *mind blown*

    This is excellent, top notch, quality work. I may not be the first and surely not the last to say this, but:

    Good job

    My favourite episode so far would definitely be Ep3; I can completely relate to Akane and her fear of public forums. Brings me back to when I started using linux and subsequently Ubuntu.

    I sincerely hope there is more coming. Keep up the good work!

  100. Ubuntu user since dapper drake. said

    Ubunch ….very cool – I like. Any animated series out yet?

  101. C-quel said

    I wish.
    Maybe some day (if not an anime, at least a game). 😛

  102. […] 5. Ubunchu, manga strip za ljubitelje Ubuntu-a (https://seotch.wordpress.com/ubunchu/) […]

  103. James Jones said

    Thanks for an excellent series… but could you perhaps clue in whoever keeps commenting between frames about “it’s ‘Ubuntu’, not ‘Ubunchu'” about Japanese not having a /tu/ syllable–and maybe he or she could just put a note in once at the front of each issue, please? That way we gaijin won’t be puzzled, and it will just show up once per issue. Thanks!

  104. […] Ubuntu and start trying. If not, order CD, or ask me. Further reading: Wikipedia article on Linux Ubunchu the manga about Ubuntu :operating system No comments for this entry […]

  105. […] la página de https://seotch.wordpress.com/ubunchu/ me doy con la sorpresa de que HAN SACADO NUEVOS CAPÍTULOS, ya están disponibles el cap. 3 y el 4 […]

  106. […] Ubunchu […]

  107. Sagar said

    Good work.Keep it up.

  108. sta said

    wah ….. mantab

  109. Verona007 said

    This is an awesome manga! Please keep up this good work! I can’t wait for the next chapter 😀

  110. kari said

    this is cute, yet annoying. ubuntu already HAS a character….
    rendition 1: http://ostan-collections.net/imeeji/displayimage.php?album=6&pos=15
    rendition 2:http://ostan-collections.net/imeeji/displayimage.php?album=6&pos=12


  111. C-quel said

    @Kari: apples and oranges. OS-tans are more like fan-made mascots that personify their operating systems, whereas Ubunchu is a comic whose characters only deal with Ubuntu in a real-world setting. I know because I’ve drawn OS-tans AND worked on Ubunchu for a very long time, so the distinction is crystal clear to me. 😉

    Here’s an example of the former: http://c-quel.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-and-Puppy-XP-Recovery-110863756

  112. Derek Hollaway said

    So when is issue 6 coming out?

  113. Rei-chan said

    The idea that Ubunchu has anything to do with Ubuntu-tan is silly. Having been linked to this on #ubuntu-offtopic, it reads like something that should be included with Ubuntu live CDs as an ice breaker.

    This series covers a lot of important topics, including community support (IRC and forums), CLI knowledge (You’ll need it eventually), and WTF does LGPL, GPL, CC, BSD, etc and all those other things mean (briefly.)

    Also, it covers the simple fact that your PC may of come with Windows, but it can be Ubuntu’ed in… what, 14 minutes?

  114. Genma said

    This is a cool manga, it really took me by suprise! 😀

  115. Stefan said

    When is chapter 6 coming out?

  116. […] puede descargar de su página oficial, pero lo malo es que está escrito en Japonés, con lo que hay gente que quiźas no lo entienda del […]

  117. Text Twist said

    Is this still running or did they stop at episode 5?

  118. Soshi said

    Ha Ha Ha …Cool manga.I’m waiting for new chapter..


  119. […] Sito originale: https://seotch.wordpress.com/ubunchu/ […]

  120. tudza said

    Go there, sign up for the RSS feed.

  121. I dont think there is a new chapter, all finished!

  122. Cor said

    I have had a few friends that have liked Manga, but i have never watched manga on tv. Interesting the popularity of japanese manga in the last few years.

  123. nice manga.I’m waiting for new chapter.

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  125. yozen said

    Great! Really, a Good job. I enjoy a lot and fell happy reading it, Sure i recomend it.
    Thanks a lot.

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  127. Eisenheim said

    This is great!!, maybe i will help with traductions i’m from mexico and it’s great this idea!!

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  130. Will this manga continue? It’s been months since the last episode 😦

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  132. Caborracho said

    es geniall!!!! please traduzcn mas capitulos al español plz :-)!

  133. Glurak said

    5 chapters out and still not a word about kubuntu 😦

  134. Trevize said

    Have you thought about creating Visual novel / Dating Sim using RenPy engine?

  135. Stefan said

    Finaly , someone get to translating YAY

  136. Michal said

    This manga is awesome ^-^ ! Thanks so much. I’m 24 year old, a Linux power user, and still enjoy the Ubunchu humor, which makes me laugh spontaneously. Keep up the great work!

  137. […] la fecha sólo se han publicado seis capítulos y están por publicarse otros tres. Esta es la página oficial del proyecto y en esta puedes descargar las traducciones, aunque hay una […]

  138. Tolesan said

    Admirable, y el hecho de que el autor use una licencia no comercial es muy apropiado, va justo con Ubuntu.
    Tiene elespíritu de Linux, gracias, saludos

  139. Eddotan said

    I just read this comic and I like it… Well, I’m Archlinux user, but as other newbies I’ve joined into linux world using ubunchu, I mean, Ubuntu xD

    Great job for the author, congratulations and keep you working ^_^

  140. thewonderer said

    Awesome manga, I just finish reading it it was so funny and cool at the same-time.

  141. Genial :), Anime Linux Power

  142. google translator is great but sometimes there are so many errors on the translation “**

  143. Ubunchu :) said

    waiting for the next release 😀 funny manga and fulled with amazing geek’s stuffs…2 thumbs up

  144. […] Oficjalna strona Ubunchu : https://seotch.wordpress.com/ubunchu/ […]

  145. Clyde said

    I unfortunately know no other languages than English, and therefore cannot help in translation work, but am interested to see future issues. 😀

    I am also a Ubuntu user, but that should go without saying!

  146. mokomoko said

    Wonderfull!! I m studyng both Linux/unix and Japanese. Great work!! Please continue this amazing manga !!

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  148. […] 우분츄! 공식 사이트 – https://seotch.wordpress.com/ubunchu/ […]

  149. […] This seems a little sad since I hadn’t known of the difficulties he was having until recently when I checked out the Ubunchu the Goolge Groups page. It explains a lot as to why there hasn’t been any new chapters since last September when the 7th chapter of the comic was released. Since then fans of the comic have been waiting not only for the preceding, unreleased 6th chapter, but also for the next 2 chapters whose titles are already listed on Hiroshi Seo’s blog. […]

  150. […] The official Ubunchu! page […]

  151. Great manga! 😀

  152. Shuker said

    I love this manga very much.

  153. Go-Sanjō said

    Simply amazing piece of work. Keep ’em coming!

  154. keypogeormaky said

    R俢lame All Aspiring Manga Artists!

    Urge your friends and pour tremendous manga and anime characters that look wholly authentic.
    No more “beginners mistakes” and no more check and evil! This is a firmly, cosy way to learn how to do it right!

    Righteous bill my signatur.

  155. keren banget and coll

  156. […] system-admin club are g&#101&#116&#116ing into Ubuntu!(see https://seotch.wordpress.com/u&#98&#117&#110chu/) […]

  157. […] based. Manga itself is really hilarious and worth reading. You can grab the english version here or the original japanese version here. LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  158. Derek Hollaway said

    I would like to see the right-to-left editions of Ubunchu in english released. I do look forward to other releases.

  159. […] para isso, o autor libera o “código fonte”  da história — ou mais exatamente um arquivo .zip que contém as páginas da história no […]

  160. Hey there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll certainly digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

  161. zuju said

    i’m indonesian, and i linux lover 😀
    first i read this manga, and i direct love it XD

    keep work and update 😀

  162. Namodomsjoymn said


  163. A+ for you, this is just what I was looking for.

  164. […] Site officiel de Ubunchu […]

  165. sysy said

    many update link are available on http://ww.ubunchu.net.

    A very good work , quick and clean.

  166. Hello you your manga is great i love reading those manga’s episodes, i would like to ask permission if i could post an article about your manga and make a page on my site to embed those manga if posibble and i would like also to make an tagalog version of those manga for us Filipinos, can i add you as our media partners on our blogs thanks and looking for your fast response ~ good luck and more manga’s to come 😀

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  168. […] may read ubunchu now!  Have fun. Posted under Uncategorized Comments […]

  169. […] may read ubunchu now!  Have fun. Posted under Uncategorized Comments […]

  170. This is awesome! I’m also both a cartoonist (I draw Inkscape made webcomics) and a Ubuntu user, and this mangá rocks.


  171. sysy said

    https://seotch.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/ubunchu07/ =dead link on this page (no server ?)

    Could you seet it please ?

    thanks you

  172. sysy said

    french episode 8 link:
    in francés , ubunchu 8
    in fransôze , epizode 8
    en français l’épisode 8:

    Click to access 00-ubunchu_episode8_fr_latest.pdf

  173. Excelente trabajo manga y linux dos de mis mejores hobbies

  174. Kody said

    ecchi! ecchi! (^ . ^)

  175. […] (comics) series featuring Ubuntu Linux will go on sale in last week of June’12. Though the electronic version of Ubunchu manga series available for free, the print edition is available for a small fee. The plot of the series revolves […]

  176. Every weekend i used to pay a quick visit this web page,
    because i wish for enjoyment, as this this site conations
    really fastidious funny stuff too.

  177. […] Sadece Welcome to NHK adlı ilginç konulu animeyi izlemiştim. Manga ise hiç okumadım ancak Ubunchu, yani Ubuntu mangası aklımda en ilginç konulu, daha doğrusu bunun da mangası yapılır mı […]

  178. ipi said

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
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